How to Arrange for a Reading

There are several things I need from you before I can do a telepathic reading of your companion animal:

I need you to email me a picture of the animal that includes the head. I use the eye to eye connection to make my soul connection with that animal.

I then need the name, the age, sex, breed and age of the animal. I need this information to help bring the proper animal forward. This helps me to narrow down all the Molson’s, Fluffy‘s and King’s out there. Many animals will come forward, if I cannot narrow the connection I want down to that single soul. Think of it like a telephone number. I need the right number to connect with the right

The same thing applies when I read an animal that has passed. There are many souls out in the universe trying to connect with their person on earth.

I then need about 3 questions, to help direct the reading. Sometimes animals do not see a problem or concern that the person does. I can then work with the animal soul to make a mutual beneficial connection and reading.

I also need you to be open to receive the information the animal soul is sending to you.

You can pay for your reading using the Pay Pal link. I will start your reading as soon as I get your information. If there is a delay, I will let you know.

Example Questions people have asked for their animal readings.
The questions below are just some examples, you do not have to use any of these questions. Please note you can ask any question you want.

How is your body feeling?

What do you think of your move to the new barn?

Is there anything I can do to make you comfortable?

Is there something in your past that is causing this behavior?

Why don’t you like the car/trailer?

Do you want another companion in the house?

Do you miss (fill in the blank)?

Is there something in your past that has made you dislike (fill in the blank)?

Why do you growl at kids?

Why do you throw everybody off when you are ridden?

Is there a better way I can train you?

Do you still like to go to shows?

When is the right time to help you pass?

I love you so much I never want you to go, will you do all you can to stay?

Do you have a message for me?

Why do you hate other dogs?

I feel so guilty, was there something else I could have done to help you?