My Animal Telepathy Communication Process

How I work.

I do use evidential physic mediumship. That is, I will usually get 3-5 pieces of information from the animal that links them directly to their human. These pieces of evidence are something that only the person and the animal would know. That reassures people that I am communicating with their animal soul.

I usually work by using remote telepathy. That is, I do not need to be near the animal being read. I do 99% of my readings on line. By not having the animal in front of me, I am not distracted by their physical presence, and I am able to use my right brain activity, without having my left analytical brain kick in. This also allows me to read animals internationally. I have read, and continue to read animals in Switzerland., Ireland, the USA and Canada.

Having said that, I do barn readings or groups of horses, in their own environment, as some people like to make a social day of it.

My method of animal telepathy reading

I make my connection using telepathy, and remote viewing. I use the picture the person sends me, to make my soul connection. Telepathy is using the connection of energy and spirit between the animal being read and using my own energy and connection. Remote viewing involves, entering the animal’s energy space (body), with permission, and viewing the world thru the eyes of that animal.

Often when I do remote viewing, I can only see at the height of the animal, so I do not often see people’s faces, but I sure do get a look at their shoes and socks, and I can tell who needs to vacuum. I can often comment on the flooring in the house or space, and do observe what light, windows and furniture, the animal wishes to point out to me.

Some pets will very excitedly show me thru the house or barns, and all their favorite spots. These little souls, I usually have to ask to slow down, so I can make the proper observations to relay to their human. Some animals, like humans are just to busy in their bodies, they are like humans with ADD. Those souls I have to work on focusing with them, just as we would with humans.

I use the questions provided by the person to direct the reading. Sometimes, if I cannot direct the reading, it can go all over the place, and you may not get the information or answers you need. Often, what a person perceives as a problem or concern simply is not an issue with the animal. I then work on steering the conversation to the point the human would like answers’ to.

I type while having a conversation with the animal, recording what information is coming to me; I take the conversation to a certain point. I then send out what I have to the person requesting the reading, asking them to get back to me with things they may need clarification on. Often I have touched on something the animal has shown me, but the person has not indicated any interest in, or did not know that was a concern for the animal. I will then revisit with the animal to pursue it further, if the person wants.

When reading the animal, I see things in pictures and movies, and I will often get a feeling (empathic) , of pain or sickness, when I am doing a body scan. I do body scan with the permission of the animal. I am not a doctor, and this is not a substitute for medical attention.

My readings always include a follow up reading, to make sure all parties are happy with the result.