Client Testimonials

“I wanted to give Deb Stanton a testimonial after taking her Animal Communication Level 1 and 2 courses and also receiving a wonderful reading for Mila our miniature pinscher.

We are ‘listening’ to and using the information from the reading that Deb gave us for Mila. It was amazing how many things Deb picked up. From someone (my husband Bill) feeding Mila cheerios to Mila thinking that she isn’t taken seriously because of her size and much more!

I find that communicating with my own animals through visualizations and thoughts has become easier after taking her Animal Communication courses (as well as the donkeys and other animals at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary). I love the way Deb teaches and you can tell the love and respect that she has for animals and others.

Deb Stanton is a very gifted animal communicator psychic and artist and I highly recommend her readings and courses.”

by Susan Rouse RT-CRA,TT-RP, Cedar Cove Wellness Reiki for People and Pets


“I asked Deb Stanton to do a reading on my beloved cat, Squeaky, a few days after his death.  I was amazed at what she was able to pick up.

Deb told me that she does “evidential mediumship”, which means she asks the deceased to show her several pieces of evidence of their connection which only they and their person knows.  She gave me some very personal information about Squeaky, so I had no doubt that she was talking with my cat.  It was such a relief to learn how he felt about his passing and that he was still with me.  Deb did a second reading a few months later, and again, Squeaky’s personality came through clearly.

I have taken, and learned a lot, from Deb’s Level One Animal Communication Course and hope to attend all future courses she offers on the topic.  Deb’s ability to communicate with animals is a very unique gift and I am so grateful that she is willing to share this gift and teach those of us who want to be better caregivers of our animal companions.”

Liz M.


A testimonial for readings done with a mustang in NY:

“Deb, thanks so much for your reading of Misha, wow, it blew our minds! you have a very wonderful calling and I am so very glad I got your card at Lillydale.

I have done as you suggested about going back to square one with the whole trailering. and you are absolutely right, when we had put her on that trailer to be bred, I did not tell her where she was going! Big mistake on my part, as was a bad decision. I shudder to think what happened to her while there after she kicked the stud. I have gotten help from a man, who does help problem horses load. He came and said no matter how much time it took he was willing to help. we worked on her and me and I know I hesitated and thought will she get on each time, and I know she can feel me thinking that. She gets on the trailer now, with each time reworking what we have learned. I tell her I want to go explore new places with my baby girl.

I was so very impressed with your reading and how you knew so much about both of us. thank you again very much.”

Linda, NY


Testimonial re Women’s Empowerment Weekend

“Deb Stanton, Animal Communicator & Artist held an amazing Women’s Empowerment Weekend. I now feel more connected with spirit and my soul’s journey then ever before. I thank Deb, Astrid and all the other women in the workshop this weekend for the love and knowledge that they shared.

There is nothing more powerful then being surrounded by like minded people who are present to learn and have each other’s higher good in their hearts.”



Testimonial re Private Skype Reading

“Hey Deb, Thank you So MUCH for this past reading! It was such a positive shock that barb cane through because as we talked about this type of thing really wasn’t her thing when she was alive!

I asked my husband about her insistence on “garnet” and mention of a garnet ring. Turns out this is both his and his sisters birthstone! He actually has a ring of garnet which he was given as a kid! I had no idea …..

I really didn’t know how my husband would react to hearing about the reading but it turns out it warmed his heart as much as mine. “

S. (Toronto, ON)